Get files from staging server

Switch to the shared public folder for the project, log in to using your credentials. Then:

cd /var/www/deployments/{project_url}/shared/public

And now tar the fileadmin and uploads folder

tar czfv /var/www/yyyymmdd-projectname-files.tar.gz fileadmin uploads

This wil save an archive of these files at /var/www

Get database contents from server

To export the database from the staging server into an sql file, check for the credentials first - they are configured in AdditionalConfiguration.php for the project

cat /var/www/deployments/{project_url}/shared/public/typo3conf/AdditionalConfiguration.php

Now you can use the credentials shown, to dump the database into a file:

mysqldump -u{username} -p {database_name} > yyyymmdd-projectname-db.sql

Provide the password at the prompt when asked.

Get the files via SCP / SFTP

You can now download both files from /var/www folder to your local environment.