This documentation assumes you're developing with a docker/composer setup via git. This is the usual setup at

See migrating a TYPO3 project to composer for further details.

Create TYPO3 via composer

If you did not already set the environment up, do so via composer:

docker-compose run composer install --ignore-platform-reqs


Copy files

Usually all files generated by users and editors reside inside the fileadmin folder. Some TYPO3 installations still have an uploads folder.

Copy these folders here in the file structure

| ...
└─── public
|  └─── fileadmin
|  └─── uploads
| ...


Initialise mySQL database

Initialize the database docker container with the mysql dump, make sure to define the correct container (replace "projectname") and the correct path to the SQL file.

docker exec -i projectname_database_1 mysql -utypo3 -ptypo3 typo3 < /path/to/sql/file.sql